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The almond originates from the Middle East to Western Asia and gradually spread to the dry warm climate of the Mediterranean later being introduced to California which has since become the leading producer & exporter with a crop of over 1.75 billion pounds.
This makes California our principal origin for almonds where we have close relationships with growers, packers and exporters alike. We also market product for producers in Spain & Morocco.

Brazil Nuts

A true native of its growing area in the Amazon basin, the brazil nut tree grows to between 30 and 50 metres in this complex eco-system.  We have long established relationships with all the main suppliers of this product in Bolivia, Brazil and Peru, both directly and through our on the ground co-broking agents.



It's well known that the cashew is indigenous to South America but was introduced as a soil binding tree to the West Coast of India by Portuguese traders in the 16th century.  From there it spread throughout south-east Asia and onto the African continent where today over 50% of the worlds raw cashew nuts are grown.

Being one of the worlds leading brokers of cashews we have representative offices in Vietnam, India & Brazil, as well as suppliers in Africa, enabling us to have continual up to date pricings and market information.

Our Other Products

Through our years of business our brokers have built up extensive list of contacts and knowledge for many other tree nuts & dried fruits including, but not limited to:

Hazelnuts (Filberts)

Brazil, South Africa, Australia



USA & India
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